Archaeology, Briefly

I really do intend to get back to writing these blogs, but grad school has a funny way of devouring every spare moment and then some. I dealt with this in a way I suspect is typical of modern youth (or any age for that matter)… I was spending way too much time on Twitter and Facebook. I have, however, repurposed these horrible time-sinks, and made them a Power for Good (TM) or even my small contribution towards Decreasing World Suck(TM)!*

What I’m saying is Girl Archaeologist has a Twitter feed, where you will hear all the up-to-date archaeological news that is worth hearing (and some that isn’t) in 140 characters or less, as well as the occasional fan-girl squee over Star Trek, technology, or British dramas. But really, it’s mostly archaeology, and we’re nearing the 2000 follower mark!

Girl Archaeologist has also just inaugurated her very own Facebook Page. A Page is more than a Group, but less than a Friend. Or something. Basically, “Like” the page, and keep hitting “Like” or post a comment whenever FB puts one of our posts on your Wall, and you’ll continue getting 2 or 3 fun and enlightening archaeology posts a day. If FB stops sending you the Page’s posts, just visit the page again, and keep Liking stuff – Facebook, as I think we all know by now, doesn’t exactly have the most user-friendly predictive algorithms. But the Facebook Page format lets me post things that are more substantial (and illustrated!) than the tight constraints of Twitter, but don’t involve the time commitment of a well-crafted blog post. Archaeological news, objects, and sites, with just a little bit of snark:

And I will be returning to this site, but reserving it for my longer-format endeavours.

*please go watch the VlogBrothers on YouTube, John and Hank Green, if you don’t get these references. I can honestly promise you that Nerdfighteria is a place you will be glad you discovered. Also check out their educational channel, CrashCourse, where John Green teaches World History and Literature and Hank teaches Science. These guys are my heros. Pity they aren’t girls, but no one’s perfect.