The Calm Before the Storm

Its actually cool right now. I know it won’t last, but the illusion is lovely, and so I choose to revel in it. The directors have driven down to Larnaca, where they are meeting a chartered bus and 19 field school students that are flying in from Melbourne, via Dhubai. But right now, it is cool, and the only sound in the lab is the occasional typing by the registrar or the faunal analyst as they go about their business, and the pitter-patter of my preparing this note. Outside the birds are having a gay old time, and somewhere in the village a cat is mewling in hopes of some discarded souvlaki.

The buckets and tools are stacked by the entrance to the school, the dinner tables and chairs are out, the sunshades for afternoon pottery washing have been erected, and I should get back to inventorying the pottery drawings from previous seasons.

But right now its cool and quiet.

I give it about 2 hours…


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