Getting Started is Hard To Do

Double-post today, because I forgot to publish my post for Wednesday, and didn’t write my post for Thursday, because this week got so exciting so quickly!

Thursday began awkwardly, by my utterly failing to remember how to get out of Nicosia and down to the village of Pera, where the Politiko-Troullia makes its home during the season. At 11, when I was supposed to be in Pera meeting one of our village contacts for coffee, I was instead totally lost in Deneia. If you look at a map, you’ll see why this is problematic – I was about 25 minutes from where I needed to be, and had nearly driven across the Green Line in to the north on accident. Yeah, don’t do that. I did it once a few years ago and the UN Peacekeepers were NOT thrilled. By the time I had gone back to Nicosia, gotten my map, figured out where I’d gone wrong, and made it out to Pera, Safronis was gone. I did get into the warehouse though, and got 15 (!) boxes of ceramics that need to be analyzed. I also stood around confused outside the closed bank where Ioanni, one of our other contacts works, trying to call him… when he came out and found me! Turns out no one has a phone signal inside the bank. Since everyone in Cyprus uses cell phones, this seems rather annoying. But, with his help I got into our other store room and fetched the tools I’ll need for the analyses and drawing. A big project like ours has so much equipment, the pile of boxes was quite daunting. I couldn’t find the photography equipment, but I’m sure its in there someplace, so I’ll just have to find it some other time, or leave the photography until the rest of the crew show up. I also stopped by the village grocery store run by our friend Eleni… she had good news, too – her son is getting married in June, so there will be a big village wedding!

On making it back to CAARI, my friend Sam, an awesome archaeology PhD student from Melbourne, Australia, helped me get all the boxes out of my car and into the workshop where I’ll be making my lab for the next two months. This was after I swept the place, which was TERRIFYING. The dust was literally 1/8 in. thick on the floor, so when I swept, even carefully, the air was so full of dust my eyes and my throat stung. There was much hacking and coughing, but I think the worst of it is out in the driveway now, and the workshop is certainly much more pleasant. We managed to fit all 15 boxes and the boxes of supplies on one bookshelf (they are, thankfully, relatively small boxes), and then we rewarded ourselves with delicious Italian takeout. Nicosia has always been a cosmopolitan city, but the food options have gotten much better (and more affordable!) in recent years. Tagliatelle with shrimp and coriander pesto for 9 euros! Huzzah!

The best part of my day, however, was driving down to Larnaca to pick up my friend who is visiting for a week. This is technically our Spring Break coming up, so I wasn’t planning on getting much done the next 7 days. Time for some adventure!


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