Politiko Troullia Study Season 2017 Update

The coffee for my morning coffeebreak is Munsell color 7.5YR6/6. This is after diluting with water and adding 1/3 cup of milk. I get goosebumps with every sip, and if I survive I fear I may end up with hair on my chest. Note: John is no longer allowed to make the coffee.
Also, it’s unseasonably cold, and raining rather heavily, and then with no warning at all the rain stops, and its glorious and sunny again. Good times!

Windows 10 – Build 15063 – Fun with Folder Icons

I finally was getting around to tweaking the appearance of my desktop and file system following installing the Creator’s update a little over a month ago, when I swapped out the icon for the Pictures folder in my User folder. I didn’t like the result, so I hit Restore Defaults – big mistake! Apparently, Restore Defaults for icon customization still points at the definitions from one of the previous Window 10 builds – so now I had a Pictures folder icon that was heavily shaded and had strangely curved and brightly colored photos bursting out of it… which didn’t match the attractive clean design of all the other new icons. Well, crap.

A little digging around saved the day – it seems that the new icons are not in the System32 folder, but are in C:/Windows/SysWOW64/imageres.dll. So, by customizing the icon again and pointing at the correct library I was able to restore a Pictures folder icon that matches the aesthetic of the rest of the operating system.


My folders match! But why are they all folders?? Where’s my Dropbox icon? 



Fun (and annoying fact): if you don’t love the new folder icons, and instead of manila folders with icons emerging you want the actual icons (e.g. OneDrive, Pictures, Videos)only SOME off the basic icons are in SysWOW64.


See: Nice clean icons, instead of messy folders


I know the the elegant plain icons for Downloads and Music exist (the Lynda course on Windows 10 Essentials Training Creators Update shows them clearly) but for some reason, my system doesn’t have them as defaults, nor can I find them anyplace?? Argh! Anyone know how/why my defaults are all ugly folders, and where the missing, plain icons for these features are hiding??