A Path Forward: #ClimateMayors and U.S. Climate Alliance

What a difference 24 hours makes! Instead of 82 #ClimateMayors, we now have 174! Instead of 3 states in the U.S. Climate Alliance, there are now 10!

So what does this mean for the economic and political force of the signatories? Just in case you should ask, I’ve updated my spreadsheet:


But a quick summary, for those who don’t want to wade through the data: The cities (and their respective metropolitan statistical areas if they represent the core of such a region) now represent nearly 150 million Americans, or 46% of the population. Those cities are also responsible for almost $9.4 TRILLION in GDP, i.e. more than 52% of the national GDP!!

If you’re curious as to what the CLimate Alliance states represent, we’re up to nearly 97 million Americans, and some 34% of the national GDP.

And just for fun, as last time, if we add the figures for the U.S. Climate Alliance states to those of the #ClimateMayors whose cities are NOT within one of the U.S. Climate Alliance States, we now have some 320 million people, and $11 TRILLION in GDP, or or 57% of the US population and 61% of the GDP.

Takeaways from these numbers? First, it means we shouldn’t despair. As the #ClimateMayors and U.S. Climate Alliance governors have noted, we don’t need the Trump administration. We’re bigger, better, and smarter than they are. So take heart!

Second, this means we have even more leverage. These are cities that companies are already based in, or that want to do business in. These are Americans that these companies want (and need) to hire. And there are plenty of American (and foreign!) companies that do business in the U.S. that understand and appreciate the existential threat of climate and change. With the strength of American and global business and the powerhouse of the American urban workforce as our lever, and the unsurpassable beauty and excellence of the American city as the place where we can make our stand, I believe that we can, and will, MOVE THE WORLD.

***The update to the #ClimateMayors letter claims 180 signatories, but there appear to be some duplicates and possibly some missing. There are only 174 cities listed.

***Just for fun, the spreadsheet has all of the female members of #ClimateMayors highlighted – over 30% of the total!! Does this mean that progressive and educated cities are more likely to elect women? Or that women leaders are more likely to stand up for important environmental and scientific issues? Food for thought!


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