EilisHeadshotSquareI’m a grad student at Cornell University in the department of Near Eastern Studies. I’m currently living in Nicosia, Cyprus while I complete the research for my dissertation, which is an exploration of how fortifications can contribute to the development of political complexity, specifically looking at Cyprus during the Middle Bronze Age.

I love archaeology and history and art, and while I am currently imbedded deep in the heart of the Ivory Tower, I am also dedicated to sharing with the public what it is we archaeologists do and why its so awesome. As such I write, edit, blog and vlog about my experiences as a student and professional archaeologist.

I’m also a big nerd, with a healthy creative streak and an addiction to pop culture. I love science fiction and fantasy, film, television, and video games. I act and sing, and in the past I designed and constructed costumes and sets for theater, dance, reenactments and LARPS. Before becoming a professional archaeologist, I worked in the management of comic and book stores, built dinosaurs, trod the boards, and wrote content and managed a server for an MMORPG. I can also read Homer in the original, so beware if you think you can out-geek me. 🙂


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  1. Really i found you having so many talents, and i think i am so little in front of you, i hope to get some useful information about various subjects. i think i will get be more cultured by talking to you .

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