New Business Cards!

Its not a very good picture, but I still wanted to show it off: My new business cards!! My brother-in-law made these for me as a Christmas gift. Figure they’re a nice thing to have, hand out to people who might be interested in having me work for them either on field projects, or as a copyeditor/writer/talking-head for any kind of media production. “Look how professional I am!” Ha!
In the meantime, its the holidays, and I’m making some spare cash between semesters working in that joyful *ahem* profession known as retail. I’ve worked in retail off and on for over 10 years now, and the sad thing is that I’m really good at it. Charming, reasonably attractive, good at sales pitches. And so whenever I return to retail, within a week they have me jacked back up to 40 hours a week. So, I’m off to work a 2pm to 11pm shift at one of Seattle’s busiest shopping centers. My excitement is positively underwhelming, and my feet are already aching just thinking about it. Oh, how I miss being in the field, with the sun beating down on me while I get all dirty and sweaty!!